Color versions (Theme Color)
White color
Black color
Gray color
Custom color (this is just one custom color,
you can create unlimited color variables)
Layout versions ( Custom Main Area Width )
Main area 50%
Main area 60%
Main area 70%
Main area 80%
Main area 100%
Background type versions ( Single & Multiple )
Single background
Multiple background
Full background versions ( Full Background With Custom Main Area Width )
Full background 50%
Full background 60%
Full background 70%
Full background 80%
Full background 100%
Particles versions ( Particle JS Effects )
No particles
Particles default
Particles star
Particles space
Particles color
Particles hexagone
Particles snow
Particles blue
Particles circles
Particles cubes
Particles field
Particles floating
Particles magnetic
Particles live
Particles rings
Custom particles (this is just one custom particles sample,
you can create unlimited custom particles)
Pattern versions ( Pattern Backgrounds )
No pattern
Pattern black cube
Pattern black dot
Pattern black line
Pattern brick wall
Pattern bright squares
Pattern brushed alum
Pattern clean gray paper
Pattern dark stripes light
Pattern fabric of squares
Pattern flowers
Pattern food
Pattern grey dot
Pattern inspiration geometry
Pattern retina wood
Pattern shattered
Pattern skulls
Pattern subtle grey
Pattern white dot
Pattern white line
Pattern whitey
Pattern custom (this is just one custom pattern sample,
you can upload unlimited custom patterns)
Special pages ( 404, Error and Under Construction Pages )
Page not found (404)
Error page (500)
Under construction
Coming soon versions ( Coming soon Pages )
Single background
Multiple background
Full background
Layout 100%